Monday, October 25, 2010

Costume Sleepover

Our 5th Annual Costume Sleepover!
Blacky won 1st place! He was a Star trek character, his mama made his outfit.

Mercedes won 2nd place! She's truly no devil, an angel in disguise.

Hanna was a baker and won most creative! Her Mom made her costume also!

Lily as Scooby Doo and Murfee as Shaggy. Their Mom made their costumes too!

T-Bone is such a poser!

Sage the mail carrier
Bernie the Bat
Lillybelle was a cute frog!
Maddie is such the girly girl!

Emmie as Minnie Mouse!

Molly was a fish! Its funny because it looks like the fish was eating her!
Hannah in a skeleton costume and Jesse as a bat
Coco as a Tennessee Volunteer fan!

The dogs enjoyed our new bubble machine

We all had such a great time! Thank you everyone who attended, all of your costumes were so cute! We had such a hard time picking out the winners!