Monday, January 31, 2011

We Will Miss Him

In Memory of Blacky

Blacky had such a personalty and greeted everyone he met. He got along with anyone, and he loved to splash in our pools in the summer. He always had something to say in the morning, no matter how tired he was. Blacky passed away Tuesday January 25th 2011 We will ALL miss him, and continue to think about the good times we shared with this little guy.

Blacky came in 1st place in the Costume Contest!

Splashing around with friends in the pool.

Blacky with his happy face. (which he never seemed to leave at home.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


James sledding with our neighbors puppy, Pepper.

will be opening on Wednesday, January 12
at 9:00 AM

We won't be grooming today, but will be offering daycare and boarding.

We look forward to seeing our 4 leg friends :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Store Closed

Monday, January 10th
Tuesday, January 11th
Due to snow and ice.
This is our neighbors puppy Pepper,
she really enjoyed playing in the snow today.

We will keep you informed on our reopening,
so continue to check back.

If, you would like to make a grooming or boarding appointment
email us at

or call
and leave us a voice message.

Thank you and enjoy the beauty of the snow!